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Situated in Sydney's northern suburbs, Bars N Racks are the premier retailer for all your passenger tow bar, roof rack, 4WD equipment, caravan and RV, tradie ute and van accessory needs - with some of the world's best brands and products available.
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Whispbar Rack SystemWhispbar rack systems eliminate the need to go for different designs and sizes of rack systems for different cars and relieve you from compromising style for utility.

Where other rack systems call quits, Whispbar takes off!

Prolonged studies and researches went into the creation of Whispbar, making it something more than just racks and accessories. They are beautiful, aerodynamic – but most of all, it’s the ingenious installation of the system and a truly seamless integration that sets it apart. It also ends the problem of not being able to use the sunroof once a rack system is installed.

That becomes possible with the years long observations over the various disadvantages that shape the Whispbar roof rack systems’ DOUBLE-LOCKING mechanism. Synonymous to enhancement, Whispbar readies you for difficult journeys. A refined design engineered for flawless integration, it doesn’t make use of nuts and bolts like other rack systems. The BAR AERODYNAMICS makes it impeccably streamlined, resulting in an aerofoil wing shape. The PerformaRidge™ design is comes from the application of PerformaFill™ technology and it delivers a premium performance by taking out crossbars that often cause hindrance by drag and noise. At the end, you get a quiet ride that enhances your vehicles fuel efficiency and a rack system that lasts for years.

Talking about the Tech Aerodynamics of the Whispbar Rack System, its unique shape has been subjected to wind-tunnel testing while the SmartFoot mounting system adheres seamlessly to the vehicle. It’s the magic of the sleek fitting kits that make installation fast and easy unlike any other foundation. They are different for every brand and make of cars, designed specifically to ensure a secure fit. They are modular and eliminate the need for whole new 4WD Accessories Sydney for every vehicle. Precision fit is all that they deliver.

A quick swapping needs to be tool-free and that’s where Whispbar rises above the rest. Whether it’s a bike mount or a boat mount, Whispbar assures every piece to work in sync with each other and create a more functional assemblage that also looks better than the rest. The QUICKDOCK SYSTEM is a remarkable feature of the Whispbar accessories; it’s what makes the rack systems an intelligent choice. The integrated QuickDock™ technology allows locking to the crossbars firmly without the need to use tools. It is an elegant solution to the Tow Bar Hitch accessory status quo, allowing quick transformation of the rack to a complete accessory system for a seamless integration. Thanks to the T-Bolt; it fits right into the T-Slot without requiring any trims or time-consuming adjustments. The SmartFill technology compresses and expands as the accessory requires, making the bars aerodynamic to the max. It’s the first one in the industry to eliminate the need for such modifications.
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Bars N RacksWhy Bars N Racks is the Perfect Site for You!

Bars N Racks is an automotive accessory shop in Sydney, Australia. They provide hundreds of accessories and equipment for your vehicle with many different brands. Wondering if the site has what you’re looking for? Well, here is more information on Bars N Racks that’ll let you know if it’s the perfect place for you!

What They Sell:

As said, Bars N Racks provides several different accessories for your vehicle. These include:

• Roof racks
• Towbars & Accessories
• 4WD Gear
• Bicycle Carriers
• Tradesman Fitouts
• Caravan Towing Solutions
• Vehicle Fitouts

Each of these comes with a short description for the type that would be suitable for your vehicle. There are also several different brands and prices to choose from, so you know you’ll be getting the highest- quality material at the lowest price! Most products are on their website and each has a description, so you know exactly what you’re getting. This makes it very easy to pick out what you want or need for your vehicle.


Not only is Bars N Racks extensive in accessories, they are also broad in brands! Some of the brands they sell are:

• Bushringer
• Ironman
• Thule

And so many more! Each brand offers its own unique features and advantages with their purchase. The majority of them offer high- quality made materials and would be a perfect attachment for your vehicle! So, it’s easy to find your preferred brand, or pick a quality- made, cheap product!

Customer Service: 

So, they’re broad in 4WD Tow Bars accessories, brand, and price, but how exactly is customer service? The answer, in short, is fantastic! If you’re from Australia, you can order the product you need online and then go to the shop (located in Sydney) and get it installed! They also have contact information on their website so you can call! Prior customers have loved how helpful the employees were in choosing the proper accessory for their vehicle and properly installing the product. All in all, Bars N Racks provides great, friendly customer service to all that enter their store and browse their website!


Bars N Racks has received all around good ratings by previous and continuous customers. Many have loved the choice they have when deciding on brand and price. Even more enjoyed the customer service because of how friendly and informative the employees were. They also enjoyed how high- quality the products are that they sell.
All in all, if you’re in the market for a bike rack, some 4WD Equipment Sydney for storage, or other accessories like roof racks and towbars, Bars N Racks is the perfect place for you! So if you’re in Sydney, Australia, stop by today for quality products and brands, as well as fantastic and informative customer service!
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Bars N RacksBars N Racks is in Australia and they have the necessary safety equipment to transport your surfboards and other fun equipment. What Bars N Racks offer are tow bars, four-wheel drive gear, and vehicle fits. A vehicle fit is a device to lift out stuff within the trunk of your car or SUV. Bars N Racks also offer towing capabilities that fit your towing needs. Bars N Racks also have bike carriers and, tradesman fitouts. Bars N Racks handles all of your towing needs so that you can enjoy having fun in the sun.

Bars N Racks can set up an appointment to get you fitted for your needs because their specialists are waiting to hear from you and they guarantee they will beat their competitor's prices. You can visit their website at http://www.barsnracks.com.au/. While on their website you can see the testimonials from clients who have purchased from them. By calling and asking for a free quote, you can find out how much it is to install the necessary bars or racks for your towing or your surfboards and bikes. You can visit their gallery and see what they have done and have made them number one in Australia.

Bars N Racks has photos from satisfied customers that have used their services on their website. The photos on the website show some of what they are capable of doing at Bars N Racks. Bars N Racks are very professional on their installation of the equipment that they have available and they have a high customer satisfaction. Bars N Racks take their customer service very seriously by making sure you have the right safety equipment for your bike, surfboard, and other items that you may tow. Bars N Racks oversee the 4WD Tow Bars equipment and anything else that you carry or need you to tow.

There are customers testimonials listed on the website that says how happy that they are with the service and that they would use them again. The bike racks that they have listed can hold two, maybe three bikes and they have also racks for carrying other things. At Bars N Racks the service personnel takes the responsibility very serious in making sure that each and every product that they carry is installed correctly. On their website, they have a gallery of what they offer in towing and equipment for the outdoors. They even offer the leading brands and top brands of equipment for your towing needs and carrying of items that you may use.

By contacting Bars N Racks they will ensure that you have all of the fun in the sun, and water or playing in the mud so that you do not get stuck. Bars N Racks offer tow cables for trucks and SUVs. Thus by contacting Bars N Racks, your towing and carrying needs will be met by their customer service Rhino Roof Racks specialists. Bars N Racks take their work very seriously so that you can have fun.
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Roof RacksAre you tired of storing all of your items in your trunk and in the backseat of your car? Let Bars N Racks help you with all of your storage needs. From bikes racks to caravan gear, you will be able to save valuable room inside of your car by storing it on top or behind your car. Everyone needs some extra room in the car and Bars N Racks are ready to help you get the room that you need.

Four Wheel Drive Gear

When you are ready to go on an adventure, you will need to be prepared. Four-wheel drive adventures are some of the most fun. Bars N Racks can help with yours in many ways. They offer 4x4 updates for your vehicle that will allow you to drive through most types of terrain. From Ford to Landcruiser accessories, your next four-wheel adventure will be one for the books with the help of Bars N Racks.

Bars N Racks has partnered with some great companies in the world of the four-wheel drive gear. By teaming up with ARB Australia, they can now offer many different four-wheel drive services that will make your next adventure a great one! Their extensive range offers customers Bull Bars, Compressors, and Diff Locks that will add functionality to your vehicle.

Roof Racks for Storage

If biking is your pleasure, you can now have the best bike storage possible. With the variety of roof racks that Bars N Racks can offer, you will find the one that best fits your car and your bikes. They offer Anti Sway Systems, Whispbars, Thule, and Rola just to name a few. These racks will give you the functionality and durability that you have always wanted to add to your roof.

Can’t decide on the bike carrier that you need? Bars N Racks has quite the selection for you. If you are looking for a roof mounted carrier, you will find plenty here. Bars N Racks also offers rear mounted carriers along with tow bar and hitch mounted carriers. There is truly something for everyone at Bars N Racks. They can give you the bike carrier that will work best with your car and your bikes.

Caravan Towing that Works

Caravan towing can be difficult if you do not have the right tools. Bars N Racks offers the top of the line caravan towing equipment that will keep your caravan safe. They offer electric brake units, load leveling systems, and anti-sway systems. With all of these safety features, you will be able to drive your caravan around knowing it is safe and sound.

Bars N Racks is one of the top sellers of Electric Brake Units for your car and truck. Contact them for help with your next off-roading adventure.
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Tradesman FitoutsEquipment to Suit Any Lifestyle

If you are looking for equipment or accessories for your station wagon, sedan, 4-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive vehicle, Bars N Racks has all the quality products that you will ever need. They are your one-stop shop in the Sydney area for any accessories or equipment needed to make your vehicle a force to be reckoned with. Bars N Racks true outdoes themselves in the quality of their products as well as how they treat their customers.

Amazing Services Provided:

• Roof Racks
• Tow Bars
• 4WD Gear
• Bike Carriers
• Tradesman Fit Outs
• Caravan Towing Solutions
• Vehicle Fit Out

Roof Racks

Bars N Racks provides a wide selection of roof racks from the highest quality manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a roof rack, roof carrying system, or roof storage system, you are sure to find a product to meet every need. Some of the brands that are carried by Bars N Racks are:

• Rhino-Rack
• Whispbar
• Thule
• Rola

Tow Bars

Bars N Racks is also known for its many different types of tow bars and various other accessories and equipment. They are an accredited Hayman Reese reseller who provides high quality towing systems, weight distribution systems, tow bars, and many other accessories and products. Whether you are looking for standard tow bars or a standard hitch cover, Bars N Racks has you and your vehicle covered.

4WD Equipment

You will have the opportunity to add some of the best quality 4WD Accessories to your vehicle when you shop at Bars N Racks. Here is just some of the equipment that you will find:

• Bull Bars
• Fiberglass Canopies
• Consoles
• Compressors
• Fuel Tanks
Utility Rack Systems
• Driving Lights

Every piece of equipment that you purchase is guaranteed to be long-lasting, durable, and ready for the road.

Bike Carriers

You can take your bike with you on your next adventure with bike carriers from Bars N Racks. They carry a wide selection of different bike carriers to fit any vehicle regardless of size. You will find roof-mounted bike carriers, rear-mounted bike carriers, and hitch-mounted bike carriers of all brands and sizes. No matter where on your car you would like to carry your bike, you will find the best options at Bars N Racks in Sydney. They are durable and guaranteed to last many trips and adventures to come.

Equipment for Your Next Adventure

If you are headed out on the road and are looking for the best accessories for your trip, look no further than Bars N Racks. Take everything that you need with you on your trip to ensure you have the best time possible and the best equipment possible.
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Whispbar Rack SystemThere are various kinds of roof rack systems. These are extremely useful to carry items on the top of either vans, cars or even SUVs. These can be used on both personal as well as commercial vehicles. They have different designs, there are different sizes and based on the kind of items likely to be carried, these can be installed on the vehicle. These roof racks either can be installed permanently or there could be changeable ones which have a locking mechanism in place.

However, when these systems are installed, there is always a tradeoff. The style is always compromised for utility. Another disadvantage in most roof rack systems is that when they are installed, the sunroof cannot be used. The crossbars tend to whistle or howl based on the speed of the speed the vehicle is being driven. These are also difficult to use especially when trying to use it to secure a kayak or other items which are equally huge.

Whispbar rack systems are created after years of study and research and observing the various disadvantages that these roof rack systems generally have. These are very different to most car racks.

a) They are the quietest of all car rack systems which are available,

b) They appear like seamless extensions of the vehicle

c) These have more functionality than most car racks

d) They do not use the square or round bars which other car rack systems use – in fact, they use aerodynamic Tow Bars Sydney. These crossbars are shaped round in the front and it tapers towards the back – these have the same shape as airplane wings.

e) These whispbar rack systems are not one size fits all – these are sold with fit kits and they have specific kits for each model and car manufacturer.

f) As these whispbars are aerodynamically designed, the wind resistance is decreased. It reduces drag up to 70% and the noise interference to almost 0.

g) As there is a low drag, the fuel mileage is increased and carbon emissions are decreased. Thus, it helps the owner of the car to reduce his or her carbon footprint.

h) These also offer aesthetics in addition to this great performance.

i) The whispbar offers ease of installation as well as mounting and removal.

These are a convenient way to carry items too huge to be contained inside the vehicle. These suit all owners and all makes of cars even though they may be more expensive than other Tow Hitches Sydney – yet for the benefits which will be gained over the long run, this is a small price to pay. This is useful and tasteful and the owner will never regret installing these on his or her vehicle.
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Vehicle fitoutThere are various kinds of 4x4 accessories and these can be fitted to the 4WD. These accessories serve a number of purposes and suit various requirements.

Most of these fitouts are removable, components are compact and use the space efficiently. The equipment is also secure in it.

These fitouts include all sorts of requirements either for work or for long trips being undertaken. Some of the accessories for 4WD Roof Racks include:

Bull bars – these have parking sensors, collision avoidance systems, and adaptive cruise controls. They also can have CB antennas and driving lights fixed on them.

Driving lights – these help during times of low visibility and night driving

Roof Rack – these have the advantage of carrying more than what can be accommodated in the vehicle. It frees up space in the vehicle for extra comfort. There are soft luggage racks and roller drawers that can be lockable, so that not only can more goods be carried but their safety is ensured as well. There are cargo barriers and more.

Rear end protection equipment protects the rear quarters of the vehicle, the bumper bars and more. This is needed when traversing through rough terrain. This consists of the rear bar and the rear bar with wheel carrier, the rear step Rhino Bars or the summit tow bars.

Dual battery systems - these protect the starting battery of the vehicle and also is an auxiliary power supply so that caravans, camp lighting, and fridges can be powered up.

Reverse camera – this also is used not only for reversing but one can keep the rear window vision when there are goods which are loaded, as this gives an additional sense of security to the owner, knowing that the items are safe and not being pilfered or tampered with.

Frontal protection is needed against strikes by animals and it also needs to provide a good base for mounting of accessories such as CB antennas, winches, and driving lights.  There are nudge bars, bull bars and even air bag compatible kind of bull bars.

Side protection is needed in terms of shields to the lower panels from debris and rocks. This is usually when the vehicle is driven over remote areas. There are side rails and protection steps, these also are compatible with side air bags. The side rails have steel tread plates. And the summit side protection is done by steel tubing and aluminum tread plates. This prevents the vehicle from being damaged when it is off the road. The bull bar is connected to the side rails by nylon cover sleeves.

Thus with frontal, side, top and rear protection, the vehicle is safe for all terrains and all situations.
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4WD EquipmentEnvious of your friends, you've got yourself a new Roof Storage Systems vehicle that you are now proud of. It's got big freakin tyres and chrome plating all over and a super powered engine ticking under the hood. It looks mean and feels powerful so you figure you are now ready to join the big boys in your first offroad adventure right? Not so fast. You need to walk around your all new 4WD vehicle; gawk at it some more if you like but you need to make sure it checks all the right tick boxes in the requirement list to take on the tough offroad terrain and get back in one piece. So let's check her out.

Check box # 1 – Under carriage Skid Plates
Your new 4WD might look like it has ample ground clearance but trust us, at your first attempt to go over a rock the mid portion of your Utility Rack Systems belly will scrape on the rock and leave some very ugly scars that you won't like. Worse, if you take your vehicle over a single sharp stone that is jutting a vee bit higher off the ground, it can puncture your tank like it was made of paper. Make sure the bottom of your engine is covered as well. Check this box if you have skid plates including a gas tank skid plate installed.
Check box # 2 – Breakover, Approach and Departure Angles
These are an indicator of the angle your bad boy vehicle can take on without slamming its front bumper (approach angle while climbing) or it rare bumper (departure angle while reversing back) or scrapping your undercarriage as your vehicle crests a sharp rock or hill (breakover angle). You will need to study the terrain of your intended off-road trip to figure out how your vehicle will perform. Check this box if you think your vehicle will do well.

Check box # 3 – Axle Ratio
The ratio of pinion gear teeth to ring gear teeth in the differential is called the Axle ratio. A higher rear axle ratio (something like 3.8 to 4.4: 1) would mean that the ring gear has 3.8 to 4.4 times more teeth than the pinion gear which in turn translates to higher torque. This in turn makes it easier to cross over obstacles and steep slopes. Talk to an off-roading specialist mechanic if your vehicle is under powered in terms of torque output.

Check box # 4 – Off-roading tires (also known as mud terrain tires)
Think big tires with deep treads and tough sidewalls and made from toughened rubber compounds. 33 inch to 35 inch tires are recommended. Deflate your tires when you are ready to leave the tarred road.

Check box # 5 – Locking Differentials – you're going to have to talk to your off-roading specialist mechanic for this one.
The ideal situation is when the tire(s) with the most grip get more power (rather than the other way round which is the factory set default). There are many options available to help reverse this default setting. Which option to select will depend on your vehicle which is why you need to talk to your off-roading specialist mechanic for this one?

The best off-road accessory shop is Bars-n-racks at 6 Chard Road, Brookvale NSW. You can call them on 02 9905 2422
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Roof RacksBars-n-racks offers top-of-the-line roof storage systems and vehicle accessories at less than the price offered by the competitors – Guaranteed !

Being one of the largest suppliers and retailers of roof storage systems and vehicle accessories has its advantage in terms of negotiating better prices with the manufacturers. In turn Bars-n-racks are able to pass on the lowered prices to its customers so they always get the right roof storage system or vehicle accessories at the right price.

Ranging from light to heavy duty, Bars-n-racks stocks all manner of roof storage systems and customers will find plenty of choices to choose from no matter what their requirement. Their range of roof storage and rack systems meets the needs of everyone from the desert assaulting 4-wheel driver to the ladder-carrying tradesman.

Sports enthusiast who require anything from Boat Loader to Kayak Carrier, Bicycle Carriers and Ski arms will find a huge selection of choices. Then there are locking rod holders, Tie Down Straps, Transport Boxes and Luggage Baskets, Alloy Ladder Straps, Nylon Load Holders, ladder Rollers, Speciality Ladder Systems, Ratchet Grabs and Utility Rack Systems. For each of these you will have a choice of brands, styles and prices – select one that suits your requirement and is the right price for you.

If you find that 4WD Roof Racks are not suitable for you, there are other storage options that include Trunk racks, Hitch racks, Spare-tire racks, Truck racks and cargo boxes.

Trunk racks for example, are excellent for bikes and tend to be less expensive; easy to load and access; easily ported so it can be used on multiple vehicles or when not required simply removed and stored away.  

Spare tyre racks can easily carry bikes or skis or snowboards. They provide quick access and do not interfere with your access to the trunk / rear door of your vehicle.

Cargo boxes are ideals for skis, snowboards and any loose gear you might require for your trip. A cargo box can be locked and is also great for storing wet or dirty items outside of vehicle interior. It is aerodynamically designed and looks good too.

If you vehicle has a hitch receiver (you can add one) you could mount a hitch rack. The hitch you select would depend on what you need to tow in terms of its weight. Hitches are categorised by their weight towing capacity. The lower capacity (up to 2,000 lbs) are Class I. At the upper end is Class V (18,000 lbs.)

When buying a hitch, talk to the sales manager – he will be able to guide you as to the correct hitch for your vehicle. If your intention is to transport bikes, platform-style hitch racks can anchor bikes on hitch trays. Anchoring minimises bike swaying and bike-to-bike contact during transport.

The best place to shop for roof racks, Roof Storage Systems and racks is of course, Bars-n-racks at 6 Chard Road, Brookvale NSW. You can call them on 02 9905 2422.
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4WD Equipment & AccessoriesYour friends go off-roading and you are ready to join them. You've read up some if not all the “how to” material available on the internet, you've got your 4WD vehicle in the garage. You are ready to visit the offroad accessory shop. Read on to find out what exactly should you buy?

You don't need a 4WD vehicle for city use. The whole existence of a 4WD vehicle is for offroad use. So can you just drive off the tarred road and get onto a dirt track? Yes you can provided the dirt track is reasonably motorable. But true offroad experience like driving on a dry river bed for instance, requires some adjustments to be made to the vehicle and some specialised accessories. What accessories you will need to add to your vehicle will depend on the terrain in which you intend to take your vehicle.

Off road experience will require two types of 4X4 Fitouts Sydney; accessories for the vehicle itself and accessories to make your road trip a success. The former includes special tires, auxiliary lights, power winches and recovery equipment, tyre mats, tyre deflators and inflators, long range gas tanks, roof racks, storage units, suspension systems, bull bars, tow gear, brake controllers, tie down straps, roof access ladders, crank case ventilator, snorkels and air intakes, drawers and organisers, water storage and filters, GPS with external antenna, snatch straps, seat belt cutters and glass breakers, steering damper (if your vehicle isn't equipped with one), and so forth.

Even if your ARB 4X4 Equipment vehicle has good ground clearance, remember that off-roading can do a lot of damage to the underside your vehicle and your engine, especially if you're driving over rocks and large boulders. You will need add steel skid plates to protect the underside of your vehicle and engine. You will also require a gas tank skid plate. This will ensure your gas tank does not get ruptured by some sharp pointy rock or stone. It would also be a good idea to protect your oil pan, differentials, and any other vulnerable components under your vehicle.

To enhance your camping experience you will require camping gear, refrigerators, LED light bars (available from 6 inches to a massive 42 inches in length), communications, campers, battery, side or rare awnings, awning walls or awning tents, maybe a roof-top tent, first aid kit, outdoor cooking kits, power generators, portable shower kit, outdoor BBQ, mats etc.

Remember, you do not have to buy everything listed here. What you do buy will depend on where you intend to take your vehicle. Don't look at it from the immediate upcoming offroad trip, instead, figure out the terrain that your vehicle will be driving through over the next two or three offroad trips. That way you can get everything you need at one go rather than having to revisit the store before each offroad trip. Also, buying everything at one go also makes it easier to match kits. Don't forget, the best accessory shop offroad experience is Bars-n-racks at 6 Chard Road, Brookvale NSW. You can call them on 02 9905 2422.
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