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Situated in Sydney's northern suburbs, Bars N Racks are the premier retailer for all your passenger tow bar, roof rack, 4WD equipment, caravan and RV, tradie ute and van accessory needs - with some of the world's best brands and products available.
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Vehicle fitoutEither it has already happened or it will happen sooner or later – you load up your vehicle and head out for a holiday. This is when you wish your vehicle was out-fitted with bars and racks to not only load all your luggage and your bicycles but maybe, just maybe also haul the caravan you have been eyeing for the last couple of years. Sounds familiar?

No matter what we do in life, once in a while we all need a break. Some prefer a foreign tour or a cruise while for a good many of us, our idea of a holiday is to load up and drive to holiday destination within the State or Country. A good many of these holiday destinations have cycling trails, rivers you can fish in and also; some of these holiday destinations are run by the Aboriginal tribes of Australia which means there will be a lot of purchases you might want to make. Yup, those bars and racks on your vehicle are sure to come in handy.

One of the best places to have your vehicle out-fitted with bars, racks and other accessories is Bars-n-racks:  http://www.barsnracks.com.au/ located at 56 Chard Road, Brookvale NSW. You can call them on 02 9905 2422 Bars-n-Racks is a 30-year old company and the range of products they can supply include:

4WD Vehicle AccessoriesARK, The Long Ranger, GME, NARVA, Formula Offroad, ENGEL, SAFARI, ROOLITE, LIGHT FORCE, TOUGH DOG, piranha, Black Widow, Old Man Emu, IPF and Kaymar.
Fit-outs including rak-a-van storage systems and under-floor systems for all types of vehiclesBrands include Beachwheels, Milford and Black Widow.
Roof Racks & Roof Storage. Bras-n-racks stock Rhino-rack which offers a range of rack systems to cover all needs ranging of tradesmen to Holidaying in rugged terrain.ROLA, YAKIMA, RoofRack, RHINO-RACK, 4x4 Roof Racks and THULE
You can carry a ladder just as easily as carrying a Kayak. They have boat Loaders, Bicycle holders, Locking Rods, Luggage Baskets, Ski Arms, Tie Down Straps, and Transport Boxes.There are Nylon load holders and ladder straps, alloy ladder rollers, ratchet grabs and Utility Rack Systems.

Bars-N-Racks stocks Hayman Reese brand of Tow Bars, Weight Distribution Systems, Towing Systems and Accessories. First time buyers should know that Hayman Reese has the greatest range in towing solutions for all types of vehicles sold in Australia. These towing product are engineered, tested and built to provide you with a lifetime of trouble free towing.

The Bars-n-racks range includes Hitch Receivers; Standard Tow Bars; Hitch Lamp Protectors; Front Protection Bars; Rear Vehicle Fitouts; Weight Distributing Hitches; Sway Controllers; Brake Controllers; Hitch Pins; Hitch Covers; Hitch Pin Locks; Standard Tongues; Tow Balls; High Trailer Ball Mounts and Shin Protectors.
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Storage SystemsAre you tradesman about to start your own professional trade? You would most like be in need of a fully out-fitted van or truck with custom storage system to suit your vehicle and your trade craft needs.

Before you even buy a vehicle, the best advice we can give you is to first visit the 30-year old Bars-n-racks located at 56 Chard Road, Brookvale NSW. You can call them on 02 9905 2422 or also visit their website  http://www.barsnracks.com.au/

At Bars-n-rack can view the possibilities that are available for your trade and maybe, you could also pick up an idea or two from pictures of fit outs done for others in your trade.

Bars-n-rack can provide you with a complete van storage and shelving system that is unique to your trade. They stock an extensive range of accessories that allow them to offer an endless variety of fully adaptable and highly efficient storage solutions idea for your trade. Thousands of plumbers, builders, electricians, technicians and locksmiths around Australia have opted to have their vehicles out fitted at Bars-n-racks.

Bars-n-racks are authorised retailers for Rak-A-Van.  Rak-A-Van has the largest range of storage and shelving systems for any trade. Some of their products include:

Racking shelving systems     4X4 Fitouts Sydney
Van shelving systems     Van storage systems
Individual van shelves     Vehicle shelving
Individual van racks     Mobile workshops
Van shelving kits     Truck shelving
Heavy duty van shelving (panel)     Ezirak parts storage
Medium duty van shelving (frames)      Van Ezirak cases
Van shelf and rack accessories     Hand-wash units

Bars-n-racks can also assist fleet operators with their custom requirements for fleet fit outs at very competitive prices.

Bars-n-racks can expertly fit out your trade vehicle with the selected kit or they can customise the fit out to best suit your specific needs.

Other products offered at Bars-n-racks include:

Roof Racks     Cutting in windows for vans
Cargo Barriers     Van Racking
Canopies     Cargo Drawer Systems
Side Steps     Custom Made Products
Tow Bars     Rubber Mats
Trays     False Floors
Bull Bars     Mobile fitting services
Nudge Bars

Every design you see at Bars-n-racks is aimed at providing your vehicle with maximum storage capacity and utility. Every vehicle out-fitted at Bars-n-racks is like a personal caddy providing you with:

1. More storage capacity (even odd size items)
2. Easier inventory control
3. Fully adjustable system
4. Maximum use of vehicle interior height
5. Follows vehicle contour to allow more aisle space
6. Design optimises productivity because you can find things quickly.
7. Choose between Medium and Heavy duty frame shelving for 20kgs or 50kgs per tray option.
8. Ideal Bin Shelving Trays (T&P Range) with over 20 sizes available
9. Open Shelving Trays (S range) with over 12 sizes available
10. Lockable Shelving Trays
11. Smooth Sliding Shelves (ST Range) – 20 kg per tray.
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Roof RackRoof racks and roof bars are essential accessories for a vehicle, especially one that is used for touring and adventure trips.  If you are an outdoors person and love adventure sports some of those trips that you so enjoy would not have been possible. Outfitting your vehicle with roof racks and roof bars ensures that your sporting gear is safely stowed away on the roof of your 4x4 leaving the interior space free for the passengers.  

Steel and aluminium roof racks and roof bars are manufactured to suit a number of vehicle types. A roof rack is a set of bars attached to the roof of the vehicle and allows you to carry bulky items like bicycles, boats, skis, surf boards, etc. Roof bars and racks are versatile – they can be used by tradesmen and service contractors to carry items like ladders and other bulky items in their work vehicles.

A roof rack system consists of side rails, towers that attach to the rails and mounts used to secure the items to the rack. Older vehicles had gutters surrounding the roof area and the roof rack system was directly mounted onto the gutter. Modern vehicles however, no longer have gutters. So, if you decide to outfit your vehicle with roof racks and roof bars, it must be done by attaching hooks to the door frame.

Some modern vehicles come with reinforced lugs and fittings on the roof which can be used to attach a roof rack system. The latest models of SUV's and 4x4s have a factory installed roof rack system which makes them very convenient vehicles for long distance road trips. Roof storage systems like carrier baskets and roof boxes make it convenient to store luggage and bulky items. In addition, waterproof bags for your gear means you don't have to worry about it being exposed to the weather.

At Bars N Racks you can outfit your vehicle with roof racks and roof bars of the best quality.They have a variety of Roof Racks NSW systems that are suited for tradesmen and contractors who need to transport work related equipment as well as those 4x4 owners who need storage carriers for their kayaks, skis, boats, surfing boards, etc. Removable racks are also available.

Choose the best quality of racks and bars from reputed manufacturers to outfit your vehicle. Take the time to do the research and select the best among several options. Bars N Racks is a well known supplier for racks and bars as well as accessories including trade 4X4 Accessories NSW, cab racks, carrier baskets, etc.

Visit http://www.barsnracks.com.au  for more information on the types of rack systems available, check out displays and find out how much it will cost you to set up a roof rack system for your vehicle.
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